New Songs Album

A music composer and button accordionist from a background of folk and traditional music I recently decided to concentrate on my songwriting, singing and guitar/piano playing. I continue to work on box with the Cara Dillon band at festivals and venues throughout the UK and for performances of Mathue Watson's and my New Music Biennial piece New World Drovers. But starting in May with my Songs of the Scottish Enlightenment project and then in July through the Highlands & Islands Touring Network there'll be opportunities to hear me perform new songs alongside some great musicians including Matheu Watson, Patsy Reid, Ross Ainslie, James Fagan and Signy Jakobsdottir. I've also recorded a new album called What's Here What's Gone, signed with a new manager and working on an autumn release & UK tour. Working with producer Paul Savage and Abbey Road Studios on this project has created a highpoint in my career and I feel, new songs that have a uniquely positive message that I'm looking forward to sharing with audiences this year.