All My Dreams Pt.2

This week we’ve been looking at a song of mine called All My Dreams and in this short video I just run through the chords for you. 

It’s quite a simple arrangement really that is inspired by the guitar playing of Nancy Carter of The Carter Family and probably a host of other Amercian folk singers who play in a similar way. So it’s a cross picking technique which in my experience works best with a really thick pic and the one I’m using here is a 2.5mm blue chip pic that cost around $50 each so as long as you never lose it it’s a bargain.


This picking technique across multiple strings uses a back and forth motion which then repeats over some of the most basic chords you can play on a guitar.

But it’s really important not to play all the strings so that you’re really picking no more than three at a time and there’s a nice G major scale run between verses and at the very end in an extended form. This song is great fun to play once you’ve mastered the right hand