Canadee IO with Nancy Kerr

A live excerpt this week of my version of Canadee I O with polyphon machine and a special guest Nancy Kerr. This week we played the first of three double header shows we have coming up but took time out of our sound check to record this quick taster for you.

Canadee-I-O is arguably Nic Jones' best-known song, recorded in 1980 for his Topic album Penguin Eggs. Bob Dylan also recorded it also for his 1992 album, Good as I Been to You. 

The text known as "Canaday-I-O" is credited by folklorists to one Ephraim Braley, who worked in the Canadian woods in 1853. It is said to be based on another song of that time known as The Wearing of the Blue; Caledonia.


It's all of fair and handsome girl
She's all in her tender years
She fell in love with a sailor boy
It's true she loved him well
For to go off to sea with him
Like she did not know how
She longed to see that seaport town
Of Canadee-I-O