Hank Pt. 2

I’ve taken a few minutes this week to go through the basic shapes (chords) I use to pick the accompanying guitar part for my version of Greg Troopers brilliant song and a homeless person called ‘Hank.’ The simplicity of this guitar part suits the beautifully crafted almost naive lyrics which are written from the central characters perspective though never the less have a powerful reveal mid way through the song that really helps the listener to identify with Hank.


The basic chords required are C/G Am Dm Csus and G but it’s worth spending some time to get the right hand part solid as this will really help the lyric to flow and weave through the guitar part’s gently pushing rhythm.

Such a great song; I only wish I’d written it myself. I often include this one in my solo shows if only to share Greg Troopers work and his immense skill as a songwriter and storyteller.


Feel free to ask questions if anything’s not clear.