How to play baker street like nic jones

I've been asked by a few folk at my live shows about my version of the well known Jerry Rafferty song so decided to launch my new blog with a performance of it which I'll follow up on 10/11/17 with a short how to video so any other Nic Jones fans can learn it too. The trick ofcourse is in the off beat flicks with the right index finger falling between the picking patttern, this takes a bit of getting used to by soon becomes second nature. I had to relearn the technique after originally falling into the trap of coiling my index finger against the palm of my right hand before each flick, great for extra power but no use for plucking at the same time!

I really enjoy performing this version on gigs and people often comment on being able to really focus on the lyrics within a stripped down version, even though I play it much faster than the original. It's an extremely honest an poignant song that, as with many perrenial classics has darker themes often overlooked through familiarity.

In my quest to become a one man folkie cover act I've recently worked up an open C tuned version of Stevie Wonder's 'Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing.' Something I'll probably share in due course.

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