Only Love I'll Leave To You with Niall Murphy

Christmas and New Year also bring with them an opportunity to reflect on another twelve months work. Whether at midnight mass, the post Christmas dinner cigarette or just drunkenly leaned against a public urinal mid way through the New Year’s Eve madness, our thoughts can often turn to larger notions of legacy.


We want to be relevant, to our families, to our communities, as individuals or as parents but this natural desire, when tangled up with exaggerated fears that we’ve somehow failed to secure this our ourselves or our offspring can become a niggling source of personal dis-ease.

To make matters worse we all live in a society where the odds are stacked against anyone with the desire to make their descendants’ lives more comfortable than their own. Perhaps, as the song states it is “only love I’ll leave to you.” 

But before you reach for a rolled up copy of the radio times to beat yourself up even further, take some solace in the reality that giving our children our time and love is perhaps more useful to them than a financial legacy that will only be fit for taxing by the powers that be.


So take a hour or two this week to pay some good stuff into the memory banks of those you love and who I’m sure love you too.


Season’s Greetings x