Way Back Home

For this my second weekly music blog I wanted to share one of my earliest songs, I still love singing this one live and have found it to be a particularly useful one to finish sets with or to use as an encore for obvious reasons; #showmethewaytogoetc...

Anyway, despite holding an affirmative call to action in the last verse it also includes some pretty dark lyrics in the second which wanders fearlessly into the area of child homicide. Nice. Some of my earliest concerts used to open with this song as it was the only one I could just about sing through the initial waves of stage fright and cellist Rufus Huggan who was playing with me at the time used to laugh of my hitting an audience with such a topic 8 lines into the gig. I think he was probably right.

You've only Intro, verse 1 and a chorus here as I like to keep my clips short but I hope you enjoy this short taster none the less.

Guitar tuning is dropped D and I'll be releasing part 2 of this footage on Friday which will explain with relative inefficiency how to play the thing.

In other news, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal are planning to use a track from the album Tarantella made back in 1995 in a new choreographised work, here's hoping I get an invite to opening night.